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This 25-year-old says he’s a millionaire after investing early in ether and bitcoin

Bitcoin, currently the largest crypto by market value, was trading at over $2,000 at the time, according to CoinMarketCap. Ether, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is the second largest crypto by market value, was trading at a few hundred dollars. Turley bought both.

Meet The Man Traveling The World On $25 Million Of Bitcoin Profits

Last month, I found myself sitting next to a multimillionaire in the 56th-floor Horizon Club Lounge of the Island Shangri-La Hong Kong. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was swimming in cash; I just wouldn’t have guessed he had made it all from Bitcoin. This is how he did it.

How two brothers went from nearly jobless to multi-millionaires with a bizarre crypto bet

On the morning of April 17, two brothers in Westchester, New York, woke up to learn that they had become millionaires overnight, thanks to an unlikely wager on a cryptocurrency that was originally created as a joke.

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Man Accidentally Throws Away Hard Drive With Bitcoin Worth $280 Million

Lily Allen Turned Down ‘Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bitcoin’ To Play Gig

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